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The Aural Courtesan

"I can resist everything except temptation..."

7/28/08 10:52 pm - I got a part!

It's not the part I wanted, but it is a paid role in a professional theatre production, so I guess I shouldn't complain. But of course I did a little in the blog on my personal website. LMFAO. Check out TonyaJoneMiller.com for more details...


7/2/08 10:56 am - July 4th







(In true American spirit, my alphabet ends here thanks to the public education system under GWB. Oh wait, I'm questioning authority. Is that patriotism or treason? But anyways, get OFF the soapbox, sweetie...)

Hi. I'm having a barbecue. You should come. Details on TonyaJoneMiller.com. Happy Red, White, and Blue!

6/27/08 07:34 pm - Domination is Fun

Have I mentioned I've been feeling very Domme lately? Seems I've been attracting more domination phone sex calls as a result...This whole "sexual peak in your 30's" thing is a great excuse to indulge my fantasies and explore my personal perversions...

Click here for my latest naughty fantasy.

6/18/08 10:15 pm - What I've Been Up To...

I'm finally able to sit at my desk for more than five minutes without either being in excruciating pain or too drugged out to type, so here is my long-overdue post. A few months ago I injured my back somehow, went to a doctor, was referred to a physical therapist, and eventually got better. Well then of course I stopped going to physical therapy. Then a couple of weeks ago, I wake up and OUCH. I tried taking it easy for a day or two, but I wasn't feeling better and made an appointment with my PT. The morning of the session, I get a call from his office telling me HE got injured and couldn't meet with me. Oh the irony. So I rescheduled, picked up some pain pills from my always-has-the-goods friend, and stayed in bed for a few days. The day of my new appointment arrives, along with another phone call from his office saying he still hasn't been cleared for work. *sigh* I've been basically staying in bed except for meals and showers for the last two weeks. When unbearable cabin fever hit, we took a drive to the coast for clam chowder at Mo's, but aside from that, I've been flat on my back for days now. Not that that's anything new. Lol!

When I have managed to sneak a few moments at the computer, I admit to being a bit pre-occupied with my newest endeavor, ChefCrush.com. I came up with the idea while out with my pal, Ingrid. It's just a tongue-in-cheek homage to our favorite cooks and restaurants, but it has actually gotten some notice. At first we were going to try to remain anonymous, but that is pretty much impossible when you're standing there taking pictures. So I figure since I'm putting so much work in on Chef Crush, I should share it with you. Bonus: it's a great excuse to eat in fabulous restaurants as much as possible. Hehehe.

Also, we've finally got a new Bay City Blues phone sex logo and will be working on changing the website over to a WordPress blog format over the next couple weeks. If you happen to notice any bad links once we get started, feel free to let me know. And here's a sneak peek for you...

Cool, don't you think? I like the retro feel of it. Anyway, once we get accustomed to the new format, we'll start hiring more aggressively again. We just had to let go of another group of girls who just weren't cutting it. Jesus, it's hard to find decent phone sex operators and even harder to keep quality ones if you do happen to luck onto them. I feel blessed having the amazing ladies we have, but damn it's not easy. *sigh* But enough of my kvetching. Lol. Next blog will be sexy as hell, I promise...


6/16/08 12:40 pm - Beach Bum

I should write a big long post about my life. But it looks like this outside:

I'm going to the beach. :)


6/7/08 09:53 pm - I Made Chilean Empanadas!

I used this recipe. They're pretty good but not quite what I remember from my time as an exchange student in Chile. Of course, it was 17 years ago, so who knows if I'm remembering correctly. Lol! I think I used the wrong kind of Adobo seasoning, and I like more raisins for sweetness and texture. But they're pretty damn close to what I was aiming for. Yum!


6/4/08 07:19 pm - A Picture...

...From the Masturbate-a-Thon last Saturday night...

Photo by: Bryan Grimes

6/2/08 09:11 am - Procrastinate Much?

***re-post from www.TonyaJoneMiller.com***

Yes, I'm terribly bad for not writing in ages. What can I say? It was my birthday, and I felt like being spoiled and lazy. Not the most auspicious start to my 33rd year, but I promise I'll make up for it...

My birthday meal itself was spectacular. I suppose I could post the menu but it would just make you drool on your keyboard, so I'll spare you. I will tell you it was concocted by three of the most well-respected chefs in town and was absolutely worth the spendy ticket (which went to charity anyway).

I'm also rocking a brand new smile, courtesy of Howard. See I've always had these gaps in my teeth. It never really bothered me in a cosmetic sense, but I'd been told by a speech therapist that my lisp/lateral ess would be easier to control if the gaps were closed. Diction and enunciation (especially my S's) are a constant struggle for me onstage, and I have been flat out told that I lost roles due to my voice. Which is pretty fucking hilarious when you think about it, seeing as how I've supported myself with that same voice for the past four and a half years. *shrug* But it was something I became self-conscious about and felt affecting my acting, so I decided to get my teeth fixed. And Howard the darling decided that would be my birthday present this year! So if you get grossed out by dentistry, sorry...

Before, Left Side Before, Right Side

Before, Front After, Front

After, The Big Picture

I think the weirdest thing is getting used to how it feels to have teeth where there were spaces before. And I'm having to completely re-train my tongue to make certain letters/sounds, which is really hard. But I love the way it looks, and more importantly, I can hear the difference in my voice already. I have a ton of auditions coming up, so hopefully people will notice. Actually, I guess what would be better is if they don't notice and say nothing. Lol!

Saturday night I performed a comedy bit at the Masturbate-a-Thon in front of a crowd I would estimate to be 2-300 people. God, I get such horrible stage fright when I'm going off the cuff like that. Give me a script and I'm confident as hell, but stand-up/improv is truly terrifying. Which is probably why I do it. Hehehe. Anyways, I think I did ok, although I'm always my own harshest critic. Definitely got some laughs. My biggest problem was the volunteer I got from the audience. He was way more into trying to look clever or get me to jerk him off than in actually playing along as if it were a phone sex call, which was what I was aiming for. *shrug* Live and learn, I guess. I really want to do more of this kind of thing, but I'm still finding my comedy legs so to speak, and I need more practice. Of course the only way to get more experience is to just DO, so I imagine I'll pursue more gigs like this in the future.

In addition to this, we've been working with the webdesigner on a new logo and site design, and I think we're finally honing in on what it is we want. No peeks yet, but I assure you it's going to make Bay City Blues easier to navigate and add some fun new features. Also have been enjoying myself tremendously with some deliciously deviant phone sex friends, old and new. I think I'm supposed to be hitting my sexual peak right about now- that's what "they" say, right? Women hit their sexual peak in their thirties? Apparently everything before now was just building up to this point. Damn. I mean, DAMN. You guys better watch out. *wink*


5/20/08 01:34 pm - Getting Away With...

***re-post from www.TonyaJoneMiller.com***

Some of you may remember last year when the bank came after us and made us change a bunch of stuff on the Bay City Blues website in order to keep our merchant processing account. No references to incest, ageplay, bestiality, death, torture, or non-consensual sex of any kind on BCB itself, regardless of context. Included in the category of "non-consent" was rape (duh), hypnosis (huh), and sleep (uhh really?). What. The. Fuck. We'd just spent hundreds of dollars designing the Hypnosis Lounge and had to bag the whole thing. We had to fight to keep the chat room and girls' emails (again, wtf?). It cost us considerable time and money to get in compliance, because we had to revise nearly every girl's profile and edit out about 1/2 the entries in the City Hall forums. That's one of the reasons we decided to retire the forums- it was too hard to keep them ultra clean and not nearly as much fun if we couldn't say what we wanted.

The whole situation still upsets me when I think about it. For so many reasons. First of all, they financially forced us to conform to their beliefs and limitations. They don't tell restaurants what to serve or department stores what to sell, even though some of those foods and products are the direct result of animal cruelty and/or inhumane labor practices. Bookstores sell books about genocide, rape, and other assorted atrocities. But we're not supposed to talk about it, simply because we sell phone sex between two consenting parties of legal age.

What's the big deal, you ask? A lot of adult businesses use "cheat" credit card accounts and aren't quite being honest about their goods/services. But try to legally process credit cards for an adult business, and you can prepare for an arduous process akin to a papal election. Howard has run many businesses, been a member of the NJ bar and a trader on the stock exchange, and has excellent credit. It took him over two years to get us our own merchant account for Bay City Blues phone sex, and we are lucky to have it. The application was 60 pages of personal information and financial history. After all that, the bastards can still arbitrarily decide to censor our speech. Obviously, we have to be able to run credit cards. We had no choice but to comply.

Second, do they really think that by sweeping these things under the rug they can make them disappear? People have kinky sex and perverted dreams. The whole point of phone sex, in my eyes, is to give people an outlet for the fantasies they cannot act upon in "real" life, for whatever reasons. Maybe what they want to do is illegal or harmful, and being conscientious human beings, they would never really break the law or hurt anyone. Maybe the fantasy is not anatomically possible or involves imaginary creatures/beings. Maybe the fantasizer is physically handicapped or socially awkward and is able to interact less awkwardly on the telephone. The point is, when we as a society marginalize those we simply do not understand, we turn normally law-abiding citizens into criminals and force them underground where they are more likely to financially contribute (consciously or not) to human trafficking and the illegal sex trade.

Here's where I'm going with this...I have a ton of American Dad, Simpsons, and Family Guy episodes recorded on my dvr, and I often put them on in the background while I'm working at the computer. One thing I can't help but laughing about is what they get away with on those shows. I noted overt references to pedophilia, bestiality, and incest in just one episode of the Family Guy. A caller of mine told me the show is banned in a lot of countries, which I didn't know but which doesn't surprise me at all. They get away with murder, saying things on prime time network television that we cannot even refer to on an adult website. The inequity of it would piss me off a lot more if I didn't strongly believe that SOMEONE needs to be testing and poking fun at the easily offended who insist upon inflicting their morals and values on others. Denying the validity of others' beliefs, thoughts, and fantasies- to me, THAT is one of the most truly offensive and de-humanizing things a person can do.

Now I'll get off my soapbox. *chuckle* I have to work on my piece for the Masturbate-a-thon, which is coming up in less than two weeks. I've decided what angle to take and just need to work on the details. I'm really looking forward to this performance! Also have a few auditions coming up. I'm feeling pretty rested, and it would be nice to do another play soon. But I'm getting ahead of myself, as I am wont to do. In my immediate future is an elliptical machine, a hot shower, and happy hour with my friend Ingrid tonight...Hopefully followed by some seriously perverted, non-bank-sanctioned phone sex. Heh.


5/16/08 08:40 pm - Definitely NSFW

***re-post from www.TonyaJoneMiller.com***

I am thinking about your hands...I can picture them in my mind's eye, and I'm wondering what they would feel like on my body...Long, slender fingers...Would they be tentative and gently caressing? Or would they surprise with the force of their urgency, pushing into warm crevices with undeterred insistence?

I am imagining my lips on the webbing of your fingers, suckling on your thumb seductively...The way your eyes roll back, that suppressed groan as a million dirty thoughts shoot through your head, how your hips thrust involuntarily, all at the mere flick of my tongue...I suck harder, loving the desire audible in ragged gasps of your breath...I want to drive you insane...

Kissing your fingertips one at a time, winding my tongue around those digits, and then popping them out of my mouth...I lift my eyes to yours with an impish smile as I guide your hand down between my breasts over the changing terrain of my body...I like to watch your response when you feel how wet I am...Hot and impossibly slick, a quick flash in your eyes as you register what I would feel like impaled on you...

Cupping your hand against me, curving two fingers inside, I instantly soak your skin...Moaning into the kiss you use to quiet me lest anyone hear...I have forgotten where we are...I fumble to release the throbbing cock from your pants, our mouths threatening to devour each other whole...With that solid flesh in my grasp, I finally break our kiss, looking down at it and then back into your eyes. One word is all it takes...


Breathless, insistent...And I am up agains the wall on my tiptoes, cheek pressed to cold tile, skirt shoved up over my ass pushed out expectantly...I am waiting to feel your muscles shuddering, to hear your voice whispering sweet perversions as you enter me...Each slow, deliberate thrust spreading me to the core...I beg for moreharderdeeperfaster, urging you on with the undulations of my body...

And then I am everywhere, exploding and filling the far corners of the room with my screams...But you do not stop...This is only the beginning...
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