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The Aural Courtesan

"I can resist everything except temptation..."

Tonya Jone Miller (aka Donna Dione Hill)
25 May
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Hello! My name is Tonya Jone Miller, and I am a concert producer, theater director/producer, and conservatory-trained stage actress in Portland, Oregon. I have been providing phone sex fantasies under the altar ego of Donna Dione Hill for a few years now, and one of the best things about this job is having the opportunity to explore my deepest desires in a safe, sane, and consensual context. I consider myself to be sexually omnivorous, and there are few roads I haven't ventured down in the realm of pleasure…

I was raised in a liberal, socially progressive household, and as I grew into my own sexuality and experimented with many different partners, I discovered a penchant for those desires some would label as “deviant.” I learned that you cannot control others' opinions of you, so instead of conforming to the prevailing moral sentiment, I embraced the term…

Deviant…Defined by Webster's as “something that deviates from a norm; especially: a person who differs markedly (as in intelligence, social adjustment, or sexual behavior) from what is considered normal for a group.” Yes, that's pretty much me…*smile*

I revel in the freedom of being an unapologetically passionate woman, unafraid to dabble in everything from the darker side of psycho-sexual desire to the sweetest side of gentle love-making…I have a particular affinity for bdsm and role-play, and I find my improvisation and acting skills help me to create your fantasy more realistically for you. I truly enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure, and nothing turns me on more than hearing you get aroused…Tell me your deepest secrets and darkest desires…I am adventurous and non-judgmental, and all I want to do is please you. No scenario is too wild, no subject taboo…I am a truly kinky girl- I love it all! Think I can't handle it? I dare you to put me to the test…

I also love to exert my considerable hypnotic power...If you have not yet experienced the intensity of sensual, erotic hypnosis, I urge you to give it a try. You will find you cannot resist the mesmerizing sound of my voice easing you deeper into trance...Relaxing you with the rhythm and cadence of my words...Tempting you further under my spell...It is an experience not to be missed! (Please schedule hypnosis sessions in advance via email or IM.)

I have indulged in sex with men and women from all walks of life, and I know that what makes a memorable lover is not what is between a person's legs, but rather what is between their ears. Dare to tell me what you truly wish for, and you can expect to receive all that you desire and more. Let me share with you the ultimate in erotic fantasy and sexual satisfaction…If you are curious about how enjoyable phone sex can be, I welcome the chance to show you just where my devious imagination and wicked tongue can take us…